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Welcome to Chism's Trail new website. We are a small family owned and operated business. Our specialty is primitive Native American replicas. Tom is a flintknapper with a deep appreciation for stone and all of nature's gifts. This appreciation is returned to him daily, in each of his finished pieces. He has been extremely honored by several cultural centers and museums, for their displaying his work. His work includes, modern flintknapped points and arrowheads, knife blades, spear points, and even fishing hooks. He also creates other primitive weapons, hunting, fishing and farming tools, pipes and does antler and bone work. We also carry jewelry, beadwork, woven sashes, leather work, craft supplies, botanicals, including teas and natural food supplements.

All pieces are handcrafted (with the exception of the craft supplies), and they are made by either ourselves or close friends. As most of our work is made from raw materials, no two pieces of stone, antler, bone or wood is alike, so each finished piece is unique and cannot be exactly duplicated. We have too many pieces to try and display in this website, so we will feature a limited number every week. Please check with us periodically to see our newest features. We hope you enjoy our way of keeping history and these arts alive, in these modern times.

Please feel free to explore our site. We will be adding new pages regularly, as we continue to build our site, with the wide range and variety of items that we create and sell. Enjoy your visit and please come back often. Don't forget to bookmark our site.

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